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April 20, 2015

Celebrate St. George’s Day Thursday, April 23



My English-born husband John has a campaign to get more recognition for St. George, the patron saint of England.  To wit, this blog and the following short history of this heroic man and Christian martyr.

“Follow your spirit, and upon this charge cry ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George!’”  So howls King Henry V at the climax of the great Harfleur speech in Shakespeare’s play.  But who really was the St George that Prince Hal uses to so inspire his men?

But who was St George?

Scientists have haggled over the exact details of the birth of St George for hundreds of years but it is generally put at around 280AD. He was born in the town of Lydda, then in the Roman territory of Syria Palestina and in modern terms around 15 kilometres south of Tel Aviv to two Christian parents.

He went on to become one of the finest soldiers in the Roman army but, in AD 303, the Roman Emperor Diocletian issued an edict that every Christian soldier in the army should be arrested. George, it seems, wasn’t too happy about this and approached the emperor to renounce the edict.

Diocletian tried as hard as he could to convert the great soldier to worship of the Roman gods by offering him gifts of land, money and slaves. However, George stood strong and stolidly turned all of these down.
Diocletian realised he had no choice but to make the decision to have George horrifically tortured before being executed. The methods of torture apparently included laceration of wheel of swords before he was eventually decapitated. Not before George had donated his entire wealth to the poor though and, for the actions of his life, he was venerated as a Saint.

But why is George the Patron Saint of England?

The decision to make St George the patron saint of England was predominantly taken by the Plantagenet King Edward III, who reigned from 1327 to 1377. Edward was a big personal fan of the story of George apparently and thus decided to make the famous St George’s cross his military banner.

Under the banner, the English army won victories at Halidon Hill, Bannockburn and Crécy. It became quickly associated with English military success and, after the flag was carried at the battle of Agincourt in 1415, Saint George’s Day was made into a national feast day.

April 17, 2015

A Memorable Evening

What a pleasure to receive this lovely handwritten note from a happy guest.

What a pleasure to receive this lovely handwritten note from a happy guest.

Wonderful Retreat Near the Smoky Mountains! – Review of Buckhorn Inn, Gatlinburg, TN – TripAdvisor

“Wonderful Retreat Near the Smoky Mountains!”

Reviewed 3 days ago NEW

Buckhorn Inn is a wonderful place to spend a wedding anniversary. The Inn is set in a serene environment with spectacular views of the Smoky Mountains. We especially enjoyed staying in one of the Inn’s cottages, which offered a little more privacy. The Inn is a great place to relax, read a book, enjoy a glass of wine on the deck, while at the same time being convenient to hiking trails and craft shops. The food is outstanding in general, but the breakfasts are especially scrumptious. The owners and friendly staff make guests feel comfortable and welcome. We will definitely be returning!


April 15, 2015

To a Daffodil

                                                                                                  I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats Lee Mellor gardening daffodilson high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
Mr. Wordsworth’s lines give the spirit of the classic yellow daffodils that bloomed in March at Buckhorn and lasted until just yesterday.  I had to unearth them, a sad task, but one that had to be done as a spent daffodil is a woesome sight.


Buckhorn Inn (Gatlinburg, TN) – B&B Reviews – TripAdvisor

“Excellence, consistently maintained.”

Reviewed 1 week ago

Gatlinburg is about half-way between our home in Ohio and that of one of our sons in S. C. We met there for 3 days in late March for a get together and some hiking. We have stayed at the Buckhorn several times in the past and found it excellent, and were delighted to find that it still is. The grounds and the lodge and cabins are beautiful and well maintained and updated; the breakfasts and dinners are far, far above usual hotel quality, and the customer service from every manager (including the couple who are the owners) and employee was superb. Great place!

via Buckhorn Inn (Gatlinburg, TN) – B&B Reviews – TripAdvisor.

Buckhorn Inn (Gatlinburg, TN) – B&B Reviews – TripAdvisor

“Just what the doctor ordered”

Reviewed 1 week ago

Once again, when we needed to rest, recharge, and be pampered, Buckhorn, its owners, and staff were there to welcome us, provide comfortable lodging, excellent meals, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. We look forward to each and every visit. Buckhorn proves “you can go home again”.


Buckhorn Inn (Gatlinburg, TN) – B&B Reviews – TripAdvisor

“returning back home….”

Reviewed 2 weeks ago

We had not been to the Buckhorn for eight years. It felt like coming home….our journal entries in Cabin six from 2005-2007 were still there. We can not say enough about Lee and John and Debbie manage to treat all their guest like royalty in the utmost casual of ways. If you love Donald Trumps golden luxury apartment, skip the Buckhorn. If you love casual, natural elegance…give the Buckhorn your reservation.Breakfast and dinner were absolutely delicious as always. We were graced with two full days of clear Mt LeConte views and lovely hikes at the Greenbrier entrance to the National Park. Walking Rachel’s Labyrinth is a special gift to our coupleship. On the third day which was rainy, we headed to the great art galleries so close by. Three wonderful days in Gatlinburg, staying with the best hosts at the best Inn and not one minute spent in downtown Gatlinburg…..ahhhhh….


Buckhorn Inn (Gatlinburg, TN) – B&B Reviews – TripAdvisor

“” My favorite place to go””Reviewed 2 weeks ago  Been coming here several years. It has become like a second home.. Very peaceful and relaxing.. Lovely walking trail around the land with benches to sit, relax, and think. Staff is wonderful, They go out of their way to help you in any way. Food is excellent and substitution for food allergies are made when needed. Couldn’t ask for a more enjoyable place to visit. I try to go several times a year. Highly recommend this lovely Inn and wonderful staff!


March 18, 2015

Our fifth visit! – Review of Buckhorn Inn, Gatlinburg, TN – TripAdvisor

“Our fifth visit!”Reviewed 2 days ago NEWAs two school teachers, we’ve gotten in a terrible routine: fall break in October we go to the beach in the Florida Panhandle and spring break we go the Smoky Mountains and the Buckhorn Inn. I found the Buckhorn on line 4 years ago for our 30th wedding anniversary and we’ve been back every year since AND I’ve made my reservations for next year already. Why do we like the Buckhorn so much? It starts with the people. John and Lee, the owners, are very ‘present’ and make us feel at home. The staff is friendly and it is good to see many of the same folks each year. The food is wonderful. Breakfast is a delight. Dinner is incredible. So we eat big in the morning, hike all day (taking the coffee cake from breakfast for our snack on the trail), and eat like royalty at dinner. We enjoyed all six of our meals this stay very much!Another guest put it this way: the Buckhorn doesn’t change and that’s a good thing. You know what to expect and know you will enjoy it. Maybe we need to figure out how to get here in October!


March 16, 2015

Love Letter from Guests


It’s guest responses like the one below that encourages all of us to do the very, very best for each and every guest.  

Dear Friends at Buckhorn Inn:  We thank you for  most wonderful visit we had with you a couple of weeks ago.  Words cannot express how spcial and welcomed each of you made us feel.  Thanks to Chef Bob for amazing, amazing meals, those who served us, those who cleaned our room and anyone I have forgotten who makes Buckhorn Inn such a delightful home away from home.  We look forward to our next visit with you.  Blessings to each of you, David and Janet