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Clever Guests Send Great Suggestions for Swan Names

New Swan ArrivesBuckhorn must have the most literate and wittiest group of Inn friends.  Wow!  We are so impressed by the terrific response from our guests for names for our new swans and the range of those suggestions—inspired by sports, politics, the personal, popular and classic music, literature, Greek and Roman myth, television and movies.

Nominations are open until March 15, so it’s not too late to send your entry.

• Wilbur and Orville (multiple nominations)
• Prince Harry and Prince William (multiples)
• Jakob and Wilhelm (Grimm) (multiples)
• George and Ira (Gershwin) (multiples)
• Doug and Hub (Bebb brothers) (multiples)
• Rogers & Hammerstein (multiples)
• Gilbert & Sullivan (multiples)
• Eli and Payton (Manning) (multiples)
• Bert & Ernie (multiples)
• Trevor and Bayne
• Andy and Barney
• Robert and Lindsay (Young twin brothers and former owners of Buckhorn)
• Zig and Zag
• Larry and Other Brother Darryl
• John and Jim, for the Belushi brothers who are from Chicago
• Pops and Peanuts, for the Panezko brothers, Chicago’s famous jewel thieves
• Marshall and Field, for department store
• Eliot (Ness) and Al (Capone)
• Wrigley and Soldier, for the baseball and football stadium
• Shakespeare and Van Gogh
• Cain and Abel
• Romulus and Remus
• Zeus and Poseidon
• Groucho and Harpo
• Blue and Ridge
• Elvis (Presley) and Carl (Perkins)
• Apollo and Zeus
• Buck & Hornsby
• Buckin * Bronco
• Bubble and Squeak
• Walter (Matthau) and Jack (Lemmon)
• John and Lee (We thank you but these names might confuse new guests!)
• Andres and Tchaikovsky ( both associated with the tale of swan lake- by Tchaikovsky- Andres was the writer of Black Swan( the movie remake of swan lake)
• Rozencrantz and Guildenstern.
• Fiachra and Conn (Irish legend about the children of Lir who were brothers turned into swans)
• How about “Karom” and “Azov”… as in Dostoyevsky’ s “The Brothers Karamazov”?
• Max and Val
• May I suggest Hansa (Sanskrit word for swan) and Hugh (patron saint of swans—who knew they had one?)
• Castor and Pollux, the Gemini boys
• Laurel & Hardy,
• Simon & Garfunkel
• Mellor and Bucki
• Marsden and Hartley
• Kelly and Declan
• Some combination of the Marx brothers…Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo…
• Jake and Elwood (as in the Blues Brothers)
• Duane and Gregg (as in Allman Brothers Band—one of our favorites!)
• Zeus and Poseidon
• Peter and Anatoly – two of the Tchaikovsky brothers (Peter wrote Swan Lake)
• Snip & Snap
• Holliday and Earp
• Douglas and Audrey
• Adonis & Narcissus
• Lincoln & Apollo
• Constantine and Alexander
• Winston and George
• Maverick and Iceman
• Lennon and McCartney
• Bow and Derek Sewanee
• Love and Hope
• In Tennessee only Jack and Daniel will do.
• Albert and Ernest? Those names reflect the royal British history of the swans, and Albert and Ernest are the brothers who came from Germany to become a part of the royal family in England in the 1840
• William and Andrew, the current princes of the British realm
• Sam and Dave.
• Swift and Sure
• Malcolm and Angus
• Mikhail and Rudolf
• Holly and Oak (in honor of the Celtic legend of the Holly King and the Oak King – representing the struggle of the waxing and waning of the seasons)
• Stonewall & Jackson
• Elliott & Emmett
• Name one of them “Brodrick”, which is an old Scottish name that means Brother. Name the other one “Brother”.
• Conner & Murphy
• Seigfried and Roy…
• Calloway and Beethoven and call them Cal and Bay
• Turner and HoochLuke SwanWalker
• Hekel and Jeckel
• Starsky and Hutch
• Obi-Swan Kenobi
• Herman and Melville
• Marc & Anthony
• Julius & Caesar
• Matt & Damon
• Anderson & Cooper
• Sean & Hannity
• Elton and John
• Billy & Joel
• Willie and Nelson