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September 20, 2021

Tips for Enjoying Fall Foliage from Buckhorn Inn

Guests often ask us when the “best” time for fall foliage arrives in our area.  And our answer is “it depends”!  Leaf peeping season varies from year to year.  This year, the experts tell us that the colors will peak in mid-October in the high elevations, and will last through mid-November in the lower elevations.

The fall foliage makes a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains a special treat.

The time frame for fall colors varies from year to year.

Since mid-September we have noticed some beginning leaf color at the Buckhorn Inn property.  The fall color season is a long one, so guests definitely will not be disappointed whenever they come to visit.

Favorite Spots for Fall Foliage

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers many beautiful scenic drives.  Remember that there may be traffic, so allow plenty of time to reach your destination.  We recommend leaving for your drive in the morning, right after breakfast. http://Www.nps.gov.fall-suggestions

One of our favorite drives is the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail.  This 5.5 mile loop road is reached by driving Cherokee Orchard Road in Gatlinburg.  Your trip might include a stop at the Ogle Cabin.  This historic site features a 19th-century log cabin, a four-pen barn, and a tub mill.  

Cades Cove Loop Road is a beautiful 11-mile drive with spectacular colors.  Be aware, though, that traffic is heavy in the fall and it could take up to four hours to loop around the cove.

The Foothills Parkway has amazing views.  You should allow an hour to drive the 33-mile stretch of road.  There are several pull-offs so you can take pictures and the driver can get a chance to take in the view!

The Greenbrier entrance to the Park offers several hiking trails that allow you to see the leaves close-up.  We enjoy Porters’ Creek, Old Settlers’ and Grape Yard Ridge trails in the fall.  Later in the year, when the leaves are gone, the views seem to go on forever!

Whether you drive or go for a hike, don’t forget to pre-order your sack lunch so you can picnic amid the lovely colors.




July 10, 2017

Arts & Crafts of the Smokies

The Arts & Crafts Community was established in 1937.

More than 100 artisans can be found in the Arts & Crafts Community.

The Buckhorn Inn is fortunate to be located in the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community.  Established in 1937, this community is the largest group of independent artists in North America.  The 8-mile loop features more than 100 shops.  There visitors can watch the artisans at work and browse their creations.  Many of the artists specialize in traditional Appalachian arts.  You may pronounce it “Ap-pa-LATCH-a” as many locals do, or “Ap-pa-LAY-cha” as is the case  in many other parts of the country.  Regardless, it is the birthplace of many unique arts and crafts.  

Background of Arts & Crafts in the Smokies

The people of the Smoky Mountains have been described as self-sufficient, creative, and inspired by the natural beauty around them.  Practical items used everyday have taken on the role of folk art by virtue of the excellent craftsmanship and elegance of design.  Folk art typically is defined as works that are artistic but also have practical use.  Crafts, on the other hand, are items usually produced for a practical use but are decorated.  Sometimes solely practical items become objects of art by being repurposed.  
Examples might be jugs used for decoration or rugs used as wall hangings.    Traditional Smoky Mountain arts & crafts include painting, woodworking, and weaving.  This area also features glassblowing, basket weaving, and metal working.  The community has shops focusing on pottery, leathercraft, and broom making.  Many of the artists in our community are second- and third-generation artisans.  They use traditional methods that have been passed down to them.  These traditional pieces are finding a resurgence of popularity.  Many collectors appreciate the timeless quality of uniquely handcrafted works.  They look forward to handing down these treasures to future generations.  

The Gatlinburg Convention center will host the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community Thanksgiving Show from November 21-26.  The Holiday Show will be held from November 27-December 3.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Arts & Crafts shows are right around the corner.

Be sure to visit the Gatlinburg Arts & Crafts shows.

For more information on the shows please visit http://www.GatlinburgCrafts.com  Please watch this blog as we feature some of our artistic neighbors!