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November 27, 2013

Ain’t Love Grand?

Swans November 2013

Pentu and her mate Teller are in love with one another and

the snow that fell last night on Buckhorn Pond.

November 25, 2013

Healing the Soul

I wanted to thank you for helping make this year’s visit to Buckhorn extra special. It was so nice to spend my birthday there and you helped make it so.  There are lots of beautiful parks to visit in this country, but Buckhorn makes the Smokies the best. The Buckhorn can’t heal the body, but it definitely heals the soul. It’s always good to meet old friends there and to visit our Tennessee friends, the wonderful Buckhorn staff.”  Connie Layne 2013 Ohio




November 22, 2013

Memories of a 1958 Honeymoon

Dr. Tom and Mrs. Mary Kollie reflect on their memories of Buckhorn Inn, beginning in 1958.

Congratulations to Buckhorn Inn on the occasion of its 75th Anniversary! It is most
exciting to be a tiny part of the Inn’s remarkable history, as the following story is shared
with great delight.

It all began on August 23, 1958, when newlyweds of a few hours embarked toward
Gatlinburg for the first night of their honeymoon. Their naiveté in not making reservations
came through when they reached this popular Tennessee resort town to realize that of the
numerous advertised accommodations, there were none available on that hot summer
night. Seeking other options, the young groom in this story took the fork in the road toward
Cosby that turned out to be most serendipitous!

Traveling along the Cosby highway, there shortly appeared a small, shingled sign reading
“Buckhorn Inn,” which pointed to a road to the left. Having nothing to lose and with hope
in the unknown, the 1955 red-and-white Ford made the turn and carried the now
suspenseful newlyweds up the steep, graveled road where they followed the signs to a
charming inn on the mountain side.

Upon arriving at the Buckhorn Inn, a lovely lady approached their car when they pulled into
the parking lot in front of the Inn. She peered into the car and saw the bride with her
corsage still pinned to her going-away outfit. Her heart must have taken hold of her head as
she kindly explained the situation at the Inn to the seeking couple. The Inn could not
accommodate them for dinner, but there was a small cabin on a little path on the hillside
that she would have available for them if they dined elsewhere. Upon being shown Cabin
#1, the couple decided it was the perfect honeymoon cottage; and they could not have found
a better place had they searched the region over! If that were not enough, they were offered
breakfast to be delivered to their cabin the next morning. As promised, neatly uniformed
young ladies came to the door with two trays of delicious breakfast fare and carafes of
coffee to fortify their wedded journey.

Good fortune continued to follow their lives as they made their home in Oak Ridge, TN,
where they have lived for 53 years and where they reared their three children. During this
half-century plus, they have had the pleasure of returning to “Buckhorn” a number of times.
Most recently, they celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary in Cabin #1. Innkeeper, Lee
Mellor, who greeted them warmly, appeared to be as excited as they were on their return to
the Inn for this anniversary celebration. The moment was strongly reminiscent of the day
55 years ago when another kind lady, Mrs. June Bebb, did so as well. It was an especially
happy occasion for the couple as they received e-mails from their children telling them they
were sharing in their day with their well wishes; and greetings from family and friends
congratulating them on their milestone.

So joyfully, please join the grateful couple in raising a glass to the Buckhorn Inn as it
continues, with both vision and grace, the tradition of hospitality begun 75 years ago. This
couple feels very enriched to have had the experience of the Inn and to foresee its promising
future toward its century mark! 

Top photo shows Cottage 1 in August 1955 when the Kollies first visited and in August 2013.

Top photo shows Cottage 1 in August 1955 when the Kollies first visited and in August 2013.


Dr. Thomas Kollie on his honeymoon at Buckhorn in 1955 and on his 55th wedding anniversary in 2013.

Dr. Thomas Kollie on his honeymoon at Buckhorn in 1958 and on his 55th wedding anniversary in 2013.


Just married Mary Kollie in 1955 and on her 55th wedding anniversary in Cottage 1.

Just married Mary Kollie in 1958 and on her 55th wedding anniversary in Cottage 1.

Buckhorn Memories

When you see Jerome Vreeland give him a hug from me for writing such a beautiful book (Buckhorn Memories).  He got so many of the special memories in the book.  It makes me feel good to look at each page.  The last three years have been hard for me, but making the trip to Buckhorn made things so much better.  John was always there to help me get seated at breakfast.  Lee was there for so many things, including a big hug.  Frank took me in a golf cart to see the swans.  I always spent time with them when I could get around.  Coming to Buckhorn is like coming home.  Elaine and Frank Edmonds, September 2013

Peaceful and Wonderful

We have been coming to the Inn for many years, usually on birthdays and anniversaries.  We celebrated our 50th anniversary with our family at Bebb and Lindsay Houses.  We were here in April 2013 and are here now in October 2013 to celebrate our 61st anniversary.  Buckhorn is always peaceful and wonderful and the delicious food is an added attraction.  We plan to visit as long as we can.  Emily and Sam Doak, Greenville TN October 2013

Just Great!

We had a great time at Buckhorn Inn.  The rooms were great–very clean–with a great view.  Thank you so much for the great accommodations and great friendly staff.  We will return because we loved it!  Ardyth and Bob Sommers, Salem OH

Roland Recounts Changes in the Last 75 Years

My parents had their first meal on their farmstead on Thanksgiving Day 1937.  I was born May 1938.  There were five of us in a two-room, tar-papered shack.  We got our first tractor when I was in the first grade.  We moved into a house with indoor plumbing when I was in the fourth grade.  We got our telephone when I was in the 7th grade.  The folks didn’t have tv until after I was drafted into the army.  We didn’t use personal computers in school because they hadn’t been invented.  

Many things have changed in the past 75 years but the tradition of great service, fine food and the serenity of the mountains has remained unchanged at Buckhorn Inn. Thanks for keeping the traditions live.  This is a special place operated by special people. Roland Whitsell, October 2013

Internet Luck

I am one of the lucky ones who found Buckhorn by chance on the internet.  I needed a place to stay on the east side of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and looked up bed and breakfast places on the internet.  Arriving on October first, I was thrilled to find this beautiful home.  At first look, you know you are in a very special and much loved place.  I stayed in Cottage 1 which I found delightful in every way.  At dinner I began to meet other guests.  First, I met a couple who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.  They talked of their special day and now they had returned nearly every year to celebrate.  As I met more people I realized how lucky I was to find such a special place which is held dear by so many.  Laurie Word

November 20, 2013

Perfectly Beautiful Weekend

Thank you for the privilege of enjoying one of the most perfectly beautiful weekends we can recall as Friends of Buckhorn Inn guests. Starting with the delicious dinners prepared by Chef Bob (both the salmon and beef were just right!), we thrived on the feasts, the well manicured walks by the gardens, the tranquility,  the lovely new decor in Cottage 6, and the thoughtful attention to detail by your exceptional staff.  We were not alone in our assessment as virtually every guest writing in the three volumes of guest books extolled you both as innkeepers, the extraordinary staff you have assembled and the transformative atmosphere of Buckhorn Inn. For your exquisite hospitality we are so grateful.  Ben and Kitty Coffee

Everything We Hoped It Would Be

Between the enchanting cottage, picturesque grounds and mountains, and delectable food, our first anniversary was everything we hoped it would be.  We wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had and give you our thanks.  We will definitely have to come back in the future, especially in the spring to see the Callaway Garden at its finest. September 2013  Paul and Betsy Cronin.