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Politics Can Make Strange Bedfellows at Buckhorn

We have been coming to the wonderful Buckhorn Inn often enough now that donkey_elephant 2we have finally gotten to discuss politics with the enlightened and world travelled innkeeper, John Mellor. And what an enlightenment it was for us! For example, John’s love of President Obama is only exceeded by that of Michelle—and Nancy Pelosi; he has never met a tax he didn’t like; the government exists to serve the people, so the bigger the better—bring it on! And he salivates in anticipation of the full implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act. Wow, who knew?

After these comments, a wry smile comes across John’s face (suggesting a ruse!), then he turns serious, and we quickly learn what conservatism is all about. He is eloquent, knowledgeable, and unwavering in his true beliefs—somewhere to the right of the Tea Party! Rarely have we heard such strong support of conservative values, but then, given our persuasion on the opposite side of the spectrum, we actually know very few conservatives! A saving grace for John is that he allowed at least his son Bill to be a free thinker, so the two always have plenty about which to disagree.

Discussing politics with John during breakfast is just another one of the many pleasures that await at the Buckhorn Inn. Try it yourself, although you will need to arrive at 8:00 AM sharp.   Carol and Bert Huether