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The Perfect Hosts

The Perfect HostsDuring our three previous visits at the Buckhorn Inn, we stayed in the beautiful, premium rooms at the inn. On this fourth visit and during the 75th anniversary of the inn, we stayed at Bebb House. Bebb House is the former home of Buckhorn Inn founder Douglas Bebb and his wife June. Turns out that Doug and June are still there; something to keep in mind for anyone who decides to book the house in the future. They can be found resting just outside the back door in a cool, shaded area. Although the house has been renovated and decorated much the same as the rooms in the inn, many original features remain. In the kitchen an old, built in oven is embedded in the back side of the rock fireplace, push button controls for what must have once been a state of the art range remain in the wall, and the cabinets are surely original to the house. The wall paneling was cut in Doug Bebb’s own sawmill. I guess only so much can be changed when the original owners are still hanging around. The house was designed and the site chosen by Doug Bebb. And the very best part of Bebb House is the breathtaking view of the mountains from the covered patio in the back of the house.


More than any other part of the property, at Bebb House you can really sense the presence of Buckhorn’s former innkeeper. Partly because he never left, and partly because of knowing that his hands were laid to so much of the creation of his home. At night it occurs to us that a long, wide hallway running along the bedrooms presents a perfect pathway for the passage of ethereal spirits displeased with our invasion. But no haunting occurs during our stay. As ever, the Bebbs are still the perfect hosts. The Beaubiens