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Times Past, Times Present, Times Future

I spent some time at the Buckhorn in with my parents, Phoebe and Neil Montgomery, when I was very young.  While you might not know that name, my mother’s sister was Liz Strehlow, which really will say it all!  My dad wasn’t much of a traveler, but when Liz and Bob invited them down to visit them at the Buckhorn Inn, there was no hesitating, and I got to come along.  It must have been in the late 50’s and early 60’s that I accompanied my parents.  I remember playing with the Bebb’s children, as I was often alone and left to my own devices, which was wonderful as I could explore the Inn’s grounds.

I must say the comment in the history section about Bob driving up and honking his horn upon reaching the Buckhorn’s driveway is really funny as he was the worst driver ever.  My parents and the Strehlow’s loved playing bridge and pitch over some of that Jim Beam.

This all came up as my nephews are hiking the Appalachian Trail and I remembered my wonderful times in the area and I have told my own children of my memories of the coming down to the Buckhorn Inn and thought I would see if it still existed.  What a surprise to see your wonderful website.  It is on the bucket list to come to that area in the spring, and I know we will be in contact. Thanks for a wonderful 75th review, and I hope your 75th year is successful.  Best regards,  Liz Neumann, Iowa